Saturday 2014.01.18

#ScreenshotSaturday -January 18, 2014

This #ScreenshotSaturday might seem a little less exciting at first, but it’s actually quite cool. Exploration is a big part of FRACT, mechanically and philosophically. Sometimes though, even explorer-type players might just want to get from A to B without to much drama, and that’s where the subtle path hinting in the example below comes in. The sharp line in the terrain is enough to guide the eye, but subtle enough to not detract from exploration beyond these pathways. Big thanks to the current crop of testers that helped shape this tweak.


Friday 2013.12.20

Announcing our music collaborator: Mogi Grumbles!

Greetings from the FRACT team!

Hope you’re doing well! Just wanted to give you a little update to let you know what we’ve been up, and some of the things we have in store. We’re happy to say that production is moving along well, getting close to wrapping things up soon and getting the game out into the world. We haven’t nailed down an exact release date yet, but we’ll be announcing a release window in the near future, so stay tuned! But, in other exciting news…

Announcing our musical collaborator:

Mogi Grumbles

We’re really excited to share this news with you! We’ve been working with an awesome music collaborator the past several months, the very talented Mogi Grumbles. He’s the man behind the awesome TRON re-score, End of Line. His new album, I Heard You Were Dead, is a re-imagined soundtrack of the John Carpenter classic Escape from New York. It will be coming out in early 2014 and will be available on Bandcamp, iTunes and Moodgadget. To get a preview of the album, check out the just-released singles here .

Mogi Grumbles - End Of Line Mogi Grumbles - I Heard You Were Dead

Mogi has been working closely with us to develop the evolving score in FRACT, a soundtrack co-created with the player as they progress through the game, with a little help from Mogi, of course. Mogi’s musical contribution has really brought the game to a whole new level, and we can’t wait to share it with you. Not only is he an awesomely nice and talented dude, but his mutual love and appreciation for video games, synthesizers and epic film scores make him a perfect fit for the FRACT team, and we’ve been thrilled to have him on board.

Mogi Grumbles in aciton

To get a taste of what’s ahead, check out the video and these samples on Soundcloud.

Moment Layer [ _ ] of [ ʌ ]

If you haven’t seen it already, check out the teaser video below , Moment Layer [ _ ] of [ ʌ ]. It gives more glimpses of the game and music and also (maybe?) reveals something to come. See if you can figure it out :)

A lot more exciting news in the pipeline, so stay tuned! Oh, and…

Happy holidays from the FRACT team!

Wednesday 2013.11.20

New Beat Structures

With some help from an as-yet-unannounced collaborator, I’ve been working on the beat structures in the studio. By grouping beats into groups of simple but modular components we’re giving players a flexible, but very fast and easy to use system for crafting their percussive progressions!

By splitting beats into two simplified layers, players will be abale to mix and match to their hearts’ content. Like that clean hihat bar from the chillwave set, but want to put it on-top of the Amen-ish break from the Drum and Bass set – all at 100bpm? No problem!

Can’t what to see what people come up with :D

- Richard

Tuesday 2013.10.22

Music Monday - Brothomstates Ipxen

This track by Lassi Nikko, aka Brothomstates, is a long time favorite of mine and a shining example of a real ‘sleeper’. Its’ intro very cleanly masks what’s around the corner, as the track evolves into his well known complex rhythmic and melodic style. Give it a whirl, just don’t hurt yourself trying dancing to this one:

- Richard

Friday 2013.09.20

Level with Me: Rock Paper Shotgun Interviews Richard



Rock Paper Shotgun recently posted an Interview with Richard by Robert Yang as part of the ongoing Level With Me series. In Robert’s own words:

Level With Me is a series of interviews with game developers about their games, work process, and design philosophy. At the end of each interview, they design part of a small first person game. You can play this game at the very end of the series.

Check it out here


The FRACT team

Monday 2013.09.02

A quick note on scale

An aspect of FRACT OSC that we’re trying to develop further than the original FRACT prototype is that of scale. There are some really, really big machines and architectural elements in the world.

For myself personally, this is the magic of synthetic worlds; building impossible and inspiring spaces. Why restrict ourselves when we’ve got virtually limitless tools, right? In any case, I’ve been getting a few enquiries about scale after posting the following little clips:

And to illustrate the scale of the machines and the world here’s a cute little diagram showing the size of the player vs one of the main machines in the game (the player being only a few pixels tall, even at a fairly generous resolution):


And while this is one of the bigger machines in the game, it’s still dwarfed by another, even bigger toy to play with. Hooray for big stuff!

And here’s a hi-res version.

- Richard