Monday 2012.02.20

Synth Sample Monday

A few quick examples testing some of the pattern-based puzzles in the lead area (later game stuff that has yet to be revealed). Here’s a quick taste – also, I know I need to replace this temporary beat :)

Monday 2012.02.20

FRACT OSC Dev Diary: Explore, rebuild, create

Here’s a video for any of you curious as to what we’ve been up to in the past months with FRACT OSC. It’s essentially what we showed off a few weeks back at the IGDA DemoNight, and shows off two parts of the game, namely one of the newer puzzles and the studio, which is a hub where players begin and then come back to later in the game.

As the player progresses through the game, they are exposed to different elements of sound and music through puzzles and the world. As such, they are introduced progressively to the tools that they will eventually use in the studio. The studio acts as the culmination of their actions in rebuilding the world, where they eventually return and be able to make their own music.

Keep in mind that the game is still in development, so it’s still kind of rough (and basic), but it should give you an idea of where we’re headed with FRACT OSC. The studio and integration of sound/music in the game was what was always wanted for the old FRACT “beta”, but wasn’t technically achievable at the time. So this gives an idea of how the game has evolved over the past months (more on that to come in a future post).

Anyways, would love to hear what everyone thinks about the (somewhat) new direction for FRACT – we hope you like it. Even if you don’t, all comments/thoughts/feedback/questions are welcome!

Thursday 2012.02.16

DemoNight recap

So the IGDA DemoNight was a couple weeks back, and I’m happy to report that it went pretty well! There was an impressive number of attendees there (over 450, I believe), and a lot of awesome local games were demoed. We definitely felt honoured to be included, and get a chance to show off what we’ve been working on. We’ve since had a couple of nice mentions in local media, namely the Montreal Mirror and La Presse, and hopefully more to come as we start revealing/previewing more of FRACT OSC.

The past eight months has been a real learning process, and there’s been the (possibly inevitable) cycles of iteration (which, to be honest, at the time feel like taking two steps forward, two steps back), but all of us on the FRACT team are feeling pretty encouraged these days as we start to see the game move towards its final direction. There’s still a lot of work ahead in the next few months, but it’s pretty awesome to see things come together. And not to worry, for those of you who couldn’t make it, we’ll soon be releasing a video of what we showed off the IGDA event, so stay tuned!

Monday 2012.02.13

Synth Sample Sun, er Monday

Two examples of glitches – one machine-made mistake and one designer-made omission. Both sound decent enough, though Midi Note Three is certainly channelling a bit of the Blade Runner opening for me (this is a good thing).

A lovely discovery – a bug that affects the creation and deletion of synth nodes (connected sound emitters in the world) changed the modulation of these patterns, and I think it sounds pretty nice:

A mistake on my part, as I set the source for a series of nodes to a midi note near zero. The sample below should sound something like the one above, instead we end up these lovely percussive pulses:

Thursday 2012.02.09

Y2K be damned! We have comments!

FRACTGAME.COM has travelled to the future and brought back commenting. Yay for interaction, yay 2002! Big thanks to Patrick Paul-Hus for making it happen on short notice.

Look forward to seeing what you guys have to say about what we’re posting here and about FRACT in general.

Thursday 2012.02.09

Puzzle Tuning

Above is a sample of some in-development melodic puzzle tuning. Not only was mechanical difficulty being adjusted in this example, but the tones as well. Can’t wait to share this world with everyone!

Monday 2012.01.30

Reminder: IGDA DemoNight tomorrow

Hey, just wanted to remind everyone that we’ll be demoing FRACT OSC1 tomorrow night at the SAT (doors open at 6:30pm, presentation begins at 7:30pm) as part of IGDA DemoNight. It’ll be showcasing local, pre-release games, spanning from awesome indie games (Fez, Castle Story) to big AAA titles (Mass Effect, The Secret World, Warp), so come check it out! It’s free for IGDA members, and 5 bucks for non-members. Hope to see you there!

Sunday 2012.01.29

Synth Sample Sunday

The past few weeks we’ve been refining the synthesizers in FRACT OSC1, to better fit our needs from a mechanical, aesthetic and design perspective. Henk reworked the old synths (which were lovingly crafted by Paul Forey, thank you sir) with some new technology. The Bass and Pad synths are now created using Phase Modulation modelling (think Yamaha DX7-esque, or FM8 in the VST world). It’s efficient (computationally) and sounds really nice. The lead synth (which may undergo a few more tweaks yet) will remain a subtractive synth, for that classic analog sound.

We’ve also got in-game modulation working nicely. We can plug the game right into the modulation knobs in the synth, giving players some seriously expressive tools!