Monday 2012.10.08

Music Monday: Lixiviation - Suzanne Ciani

In keeping with the trend of sharing older and older pieces of electronic music, today’s post focusses on Lixiviation, a track from the 70’s by the awesome Synthesist Suzanne Ciani. I only discovered her epic work this past year (thanks Travis & Doug) in a recently released collection of her work including some really cool commercial work (for Atari, Coke, Discover and more) alongside some really stunning personal compositions. Lixiviation, with it’s delightful arpeggios and vast spaces really jives with the feel of FRACT. Also worth checking out is a later track on this release, Second Breath. Next week, something new, promise!

Also, check out this amazing sequence with Suzanne on one of my favorite childhood shows 3-2-1 Contact:

Buy Lixiviation here

- Richard