Friday 2011.06.24

Making Noise

Things are getting done! We’ve got a hell of a lot to build yet, but we’ve having fun making bits of this weird little world work.

First up is Henk’s much more badass approach to sequencing sound reliably (my attempt in the ‘beta’ was quite crap). In the example above, even with the game running at a terribly low framerate, the sequecing still runs super tight and should be scalable for just about any tempo one could need (Speedcore fans, we can talk if you really need 250bpm +).

Also, we’ve been experimenting with real-time synthesis in the game. It’s no guarantee that it will be implemented, but it’s something we’re seriously looking into and considering for some puzzles and XXXXXXXXX‘s. Here’s a photo of something I don’t understand, but I know I got very excited about when it happened!

And finally, a handful of more pretty things: