Thursday 2012.03.22

Even MORE exciting news!!!

In other news, we’re super psyched and lucky to have a new member of the FRACT OSC team as of last Friday, the very talented and impressively prolific Aliceffekt. He’ll be bringing in his unique eye as a designer, and we’re already excited at what he’s brought to the table – no doubt it will make FRACT OSC even more awesome.

It’s kind of eerie (in a good way, of course) how everything worked out – we had just been discussing the idea of bringing someone on to make the workload more manageable, and talked about how we’d like to have him on board, when he suddenly became available. Another fortuitous happening was that someone had just recently asked us about whether there was a connection between Aliceffekt and FRACT.

It was in fact Aliceffekt that came into one of Richard’s game design classes back in 2010 and showed off some prototypes he had made in Unity. Impressed with what he was able to achieve, it was because of his demo that Richard decided to use Unity to make the first prototype of FRACT. This evolved into the version he submitted to the IGF in late 2010. So while the core idea of FRACT had long been percolating in his mind and was something he had always wanted to do, without Aliceffekt, Richard may not have ever chosen Unity to make the game – which would have produced a very different beast indeed (he had seriously considered a classic point-and-click adventure format previously). So it really feels like the stars have somehow lined up and led us to Aliceffekt. Needless to say, we’re happy to welcome him to our team!

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