Sunday 2011.03.06

GDC Recap: Good fun, good food, good people

What a week. It was a whirlwind of a visit – thankfully we had been to SF before, because we weren’t able to see much of it this time around. Our first GDC experience was great, there were so many awesome, friendly people that we got to meet and that made it a truly memorable experience. Here are a few highlights from the week:

Laying down tile for the PAINT by PIXELS art installation

Chowing down spicy ramen at Katana-Ya

Our ad-hoc producer shilling for Minecraft (or possibly covert-napping) – absolutely brilliant giveaway.

Killer grub at Chez Panisse

FRACT tunnel vision

The lusciously bearded chairman of the IGF, Brandon Boyer, starting up the awards ceremony

Table 11, yeah!

It’s real! Fun fact: all the awards were Made in Canada. Coincidence?

Awesome times and fun peeps at the Scandinavian Kill Screen party – man-satchels and glasses mandatory. Seriously, there were a LOT of man-satchels. Other fun fact: taking shots of aquavit may cause permanent brain damage.

Rock-solid indies at the Sony mixer – it was tough getting in, but worth it to chill with these awesome and talented dudes.