Friday 2011.03.04

Packing Up and Goodbyes

After an intense week on the show floor we managed to catch our breath and capture a few moments on the last day.

Overall, the GDC was an incredible experience with inspiring talks, people and ideas. We were blown away by the openness and collaborative nature of the Indie Community and look forward to meeting these awesome people again.

Here are a few moments from the final day at the GDC, with an emphasis on our fellow student showcase winners:

Christoffer Hedborg and support crew from Toys.

Christian Niemand from Tiny and Big telling us how it is.

Sebastian Schulz looking on as a passerby tries getting those pants!

Dan Rosas from DIgipen looking cheerful at the Solace booth.

The Harmonix guys playing FRACT!

Ryan O’Donnell & the Area5 crew came by for a quick interview, guerilla style.

Jonas Richner (aka the towering 18 year old that made the awesome e7) and I.

And of course, cannot forget the awesome and expansive Octodad crew: Phil Tibitoski representing the group of the most talented tentacled cephalopods around.