Friday 2014.07.04

FRACT OSC & Original Soundtrack 25% off today

Happy Fourth of July to our synth-loving neighbors to the south!

We’ve got some great news, as part of the Humble Store’s DRM Freedom Sale FRACT OSC will be 25 percent off for the next 24 hours! Humble is a great platform: not only does it have an awesome selection of games, but it gives you the option to download a DRM free version of the game or a Steam activation, and they’re super cool to devs – win, win, win!

This sale is pretty bonkers, we must have picked up nearly have the stuff that was on sale yesterday!

DRM Freedom sale

In other great discount news, Mogi Grumbles is matching the Humble Store’s DRM Freedom Sale with a 25% discount of the FRACT OSC OST. It’s a truly killer game soundtrack, and we urge you to check it out and support Mogi and his killer tunes. If for whatever reason you haven’t heard his other stuff, do that too, it’s awesome.

So go get your savings on!

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- Cheers from the FRACT Team