Wednesday 2014.04.23

FRACT Technical Support FAQ

UPDATE (2014/05/01): Hi all! We’ve created a form for Windows and Mac systems so that we can collect more data to look into into and hopefully resolve any issues! If you could take a few minutes to fill it out, that would be super helpful!

Greetings from the FRACT team! First off, big thank you to everyone who’s bought the game – we can’t tell you how much we appreciate the support. We’ve also had some bug reports and questions about a few technical issues have popped up for some players. Rest assured, we are looking into any and all concerns and will hopefully get back to you with answers shortly! For the moment, we’re collecting all the data we can and are working hard to get these these issues fixed in a timely manner. We’ll be posting updates to these questions and more in greater detail on the FRACT forums. Here are some of the questions that have come up:


What are the minimum system requirements for the game?

The minimum and recommended system requirements for FRACT OSC can be found on the Steam store page or here.

Why are the system requirements for this game so high? They seem high, especially for an indie game.

Admittedly, our game is relatively CPU-intensive for a couple of reasons. First off, to allow players to shape sound and compose music dynamically in-game, we had to develop a custom audio engine to handle the real-time synthesis. This effectively results in multiple virtual synthesizers (up to 16) running alongside the game. Also, the open-world aspect, while integral to the experience, contributes to the higher system requirements.

I’m having some issues with the audio (stuttering/crackles/dropouts) when I play the game. Why is this happening and what can I do?

We’re not exactly sure why, but sometimes certain sound cards/systems can cause poor audio performance in the game. We suggest anyone with audio issues try the STABILIZE AUDIO feature in the game settings menu, which may help. If this doesn’t work, please check the minimum system requirements, as a CPU that is under requirements can contribute to poor audio performance. If you do meet the minimum requirements but are still having issues, check out this thread here on the FRACT forums for more info/updates and what to do next.

My computer is crashing at launch or about 5-10 minutes after I start playing the game. Why is this happening and what can I do?

We’ve gotten a few reports of crashes – some at launch and other after 5-10 minutes of play. We’re currently evaluating whether or not these crashes are related, but have started to see patterns emerge and are developing a plan to try and fix this issue. Please take a look at this post on the FRACT forums for more info/updates to this issue.

On Windows some users report that running the game with the ‘-force-opengl’ launch option (without the quotes) solves the issue for them. However, there might be negative effects on performance depending on your system. Updating your video drivers (and ensuring the game is running on your discrete gpu) may help with performance. For instructions on how to set game launch options, see here.

When I start the game, no text shows up in the game or in the menus. What do I do?

Check your system specs to see if you have an Intel HD card. If you do, please check that your drivers are up to date. If they are, then try alt-tabbing a few times or try re-installing the game to see if that helps. If you still have this issue, check out this post on the FRACT forum for more updates.

I’m getting big black objects covering the screen/other weird graphical corruption. What do I do?

Make sure your video card drivers are up to date. If you have hybrid Nvidia/Intel graphics, make sure your Nvidia card is used when running the game. If you have an intel HD GPU only, keep in mind we don’t officially support these GPUs, but users are reporting that when they update their drivers the game works just fine.

I’m running the game on a 2013 Macbook and am having audio and/or performance issues. Why is this happening?

We’re really sorry to hear that! We’ve had a few reports of this, and we’re working hard to isolate the problem. For the those running on Retina displays, try lowering the resolution to see if that helps. Also, check the Mac minimum system requirements to make sure your system is up to spec. You can also find more info/updates on the FRACT forums

I just installed the game, but when running the game for the first time, I get the message “Error loading savegame” instead. What do I do?

We’re looking into the problem – we have a lead but we’re not quite sure yet. Please send your log file (instructions found here) in an email to with the subject header “SAVEGAME ERROR” and we’ll look into it.

After I start up the game, I find myself constantly turning without pressing anything on the keyboard or the mouse. Why is this happening?

Players having this issue have found that this issue was caused by having a gamepad or controller plugged in. We’re working on a proper solution to this problem, but in the meantime just unplug the gamepad/controller.

I don’t have a QWERTY keyboard or would like to change the gamepad bindings. How do I rebind the controls?

You can rebind the controls in FRACT OSC by launching the game while holding the [ALT] key on Windows, or the [OPTION] key on MAC. This should bring up a dialog that allows you to rebind the controls.

The game is crashing, and I think it might have to do with my Antivirus software. What’s going on?

It seems that certain antivirus software (Avast!, Kaspersky, or ESET) interferes with Unity, the game engine we are using for FRACT. This seems to happen even when the antivirus software is set to “silent” or “gaming” modes.

Avast! users can try disabling the “Settings → Troubleshooting → Enable hardware-assisted virtualization” option and then rebooting your computer, as per this thread. Otherwise, try disabling your antivirus software and starting the game again.

I’ve having another technical issue. What should I do?

If your question has not been covered here, please email a description of the issue/bug/question with a clear subject line (eg. BUG: such-and-such) to and we’ll try and get back to you as soon as possible.

Again, we’re sorry for the inconvenience to anyone who’s having any issues! Keep in mind that we’re a 3-person team, so it might take a moment to get back to you – but we take all of your concerns seriously and are doing our best to resolve it. We appreciate your patience and understanding!

-The FRACT team