Friday 2014.04.04

And, for good measure: BASS : GEOLAYER [ _ ] of [ Δ ]

Here’s the first area trailer, since we didn’t officially put it up here:

I realize that in the midst of trying to get the game done, we’ve been less-than-diligent in posting updates as they happen. Sure, we put things out on Twitter/Facebook/etc, but to be honest we haven’t given quite enough love to this dev blog. It’s been a tough balance. We’ve been so anxious to pummel away at our production tasks to get the game out as soon as possible – while trying to juggle staying on top of our lives, getting enough sleep, making sure we don’t live in a complete state of disorder, and taking care of Zoe at the same time – that we haven’t spent as much time on other things that are just as important: talking more about the game, sharing our process, meeting and networking with other devs and artists, travelling to more conferences/shows, participating in events, game jams.

I don’t know if we could have done it differently – surely, with 20/20 hindsight there are many things I would like to have done differently if I had the chance. But while we were doing it? I don’t know that we could have. In a lot of ways, we did the best we could at the time. It’s been such a crazy experience, and I feel like throughout a large part of it, we were just surviving, just trying to get to that next step. Admittedly, now that we’re close to the end I think we’re in a much better space, mentally – but to be honest, it’s been a tough journey. Having said that, there is so much that we’ve learned along the way (positive spin!), much by trial-and-error, and consequently there is a lot I know we will do differently in the future – for our sanity, productivity and happiness.

Now that the game is almost done, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting (as you can tell) on the past three years, how far we’ve come, what we have gone through to get here, and looking ahead to what’s next. The imminent release of the game comes as a massive relief, in many ways – we’ve been burning the candle at both ends for far too long, and are long overdue for a break. It’s also simultaneously terrifying, because this is what we’ve been working towards the past three years of our lives. Will we do ok? Will the game be well-received, understood, enjoyed? Will people get what we’ve tried to do? Will that translate to sales and financial success? Will we be able break even and recoup our savings we’ve put into making the game? What will this mean for our future? So many questions, and so many unknowns. I try to remind myself that there’s no point in dwelling on the things we have no control over, but it’s hard sometimes. What I do know is that I am proud of what we’ve made, and what we’ve tried to do. We’ve come a long way – as individuals, as developers, and as a team, and I’m happy with with what we’ve achieved, no matter the outcome.

All is to say, in an exceedingly long-winded way (my apologies, apparently I have some things to get off my chest) – now that we’re in a better place to do so, I’d like to try and spend more time on this blog talking about the path we’ve taken to get here, the thinking behind the game, the process involved in making FRACT, etc etc. So here’s to that.