Friday 2014.03.07

My new pal Dolly

Since we’re gearing up for release, one thing I’ve been working on is new trailers & teasers (coming soon, promise) – but I needed to capture certain shots that I was going for. After a quick brainstorm with Quynh, I quickly cobbled together this sort of in game dolly that helps me do just that.

Using our in-game UI tools, I can drag it anywhere in the world, and set up my shots accordingly. The dolly will travel from one point to another along a number of paths that can be used on there own, or together.

Dolly fun 1

In this first shot, I’m placing the dolly origin point.

Dolly fun 2

In this shot I have access to it’s controls – allowing me to rotate the travel-to points, and activate various paths.

Here’s a video of it in action:

I’m totally going to leave this in the game for release too, buried under our debug tools. Should anyone find it, I’m sure they’ll have a lot of fun just floating around the world!

- Richard