Monday 2013.09.02

A quick note on scale

An aspect of FRACT OSC that we’re trying to develop further than the original FRACT prototype is that of scale. There are some really, really big machines and architectural elements in the world.

For myself personally, this is the magic of synthetic worlds; building impossible and inspiring spaces. Why restrict ourselves when we’ve got virtually limitless tools, right? In any case, I’ve been getting a few enquiries about scale after posting the following little clips:

And to illustrate the scale of the machines and the world here’s a cute little diagram showing the size of the player vs one of the main machines in the game (the player being only a few pixels tall, even at a fairly generous resolution):


And while this is one of the bigger machines in the game, it’s still dwarfed by another, even bigger toy to play with. Hooray for big stuff!

And here’s a hi-res version.

- Richard