Wednesday 2013.07.31

Voice Managment

So, I’m polishing and elaborating some of the sound systems in the world – and that starts with a good plan. Quynh suggested I map out an approximation our current voice allocation (synth voices) and then elaborate with the other sound systems (implemented, in need of love, missing etc). Sometimes a holistic view of things can be very informative.

Voice allocation Bass

For instance, the bass area of the game (above) is the oldest, and was built using highly-iterated upon sound tech. Not only were we still developing the tools, but our ability to use them effectively. As such, there are a few too many sound shadows in this area – and while contrast is valuable, it’s a little sparse right now.

It was a valuable exercise to quickly mock-up, and will be really helpful in informing the finalization of some aspects of the wacky world we’re building. Oh, and here is the majority of the game world:

Voice Control

- Richard