Monday 2013.04.22

Post-GDC, back to work & the FRACT old prototype

Sorry for the delay in updates! We had a busy and tiring GDC this year, with two presentations, a ton of hangouts, and a party or two.


Henk’s talk on how we do our synthesizer magic went splendidly, and I think my talk about just what the hell we’ve been doing for the past 2 years went OK too. We met with friends, made new ones, and got inspired by what other indies are up to!


I also put together a new little teaser trailer for our GDC presentations, which we published last week and got a ton of great feedback on. This also helped out with our geenlight traffic, thanks everyone!


The presentations and the trailer also brought a lot of new and renewed attention to FRACT, which is awesome! We also have been getting a lot of requests for the old IGF award winning prototype from 2011, and a few questions as to why it’s no longer available.

Basically, we’re in the final stretch of finishing FRACT OSC, which is from the ground up completely new and shares nothing with the old prototype. And while we’re very proud of the old FRACT prototype, it doesn’t paint an accurate picture of where we’re going with FRACT OSC. If you’re still really eager to try it, send us a message by the contact form and we can get it to you.

Otherwise, we’re working hard to finish the game – stay tuned for more updates!

- Richard